NLE Choppa - Letter To My Daughter (Official Video)

"Letter To My Daughter" available now:

Director: Top Shotta \u0026 @drewfilmedit

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  1. Kelsi Monroe Jenner

    Kelsi Monroe Jenner

    19 minuter sedan

    He's only 18 and has a daughter I had one at 14. And I'm now 20

  2. Robert Rogers

    Robert Rogers

    25 minuter sedan


  3. mm...madison


    42 minuter sedan

    Nle, when I figured out u were in jail because of Maria, I felt like she was using u for money because when she called the cops i noticed that she didn’t have scars and u said u did so I believe u. Byeeeee! Btw clover is sooo cute

  4. Tina Cooke

    Tina Cooke

    Timme sedan

    This is deep choppa

  5. Gustavo Baez

    Gustavo Baez

    Timme sedan

    😔🥺 I am sorry An NLE Choppa

  6. Olivia Mullins

    Olivia Mullins

    2 timmar sedan

    He should get to see his daughter

  7. Peter Alcocer

    Peter Alcocer

    2 timmar sedan

    Bro made me cry😭

  8. Phantom


    2 timmar sedan

    Did you know his beats and his voice and lyrics is fire

  9. Animal house

    Animal house

    4 timmar sedan

    Take her to court bro GET YOUR DAUGHTER

  10. Jaylen Secor

    Jaylen Secor

    5 timmar sedan

    I’d neva put my hands on no women wasn’t raised that way🤧

  11. Leo Benitez

    Leo Benitez

    6 timmar sedan

    Who ever disliked has no heart

  12. Pamela Springer

    Pamela Springer

    7 timmar sedan

    I feel the that song the walls getting smaller

  13. Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry

    7 timmar sedan

    “I’d cut my feet off just to see yo first steps” 😪🤧

  14. King Lewis

    King Lewis

    9 timmar sedan

    I feel your pain bro going through the same shit 💯💰



    9 timmar sedan


  16. Codie Fisk-respondek

    Codie Fisk-respondek

    9 timmar sedan

    This is hard to explain I didn't have a father and hearing this Is just idk that's so....... Your a great father

  17. Drulif


    10 timmar sedan

    good luck on life NLE because you changed mine best music I swear

  18. Kareem Prince

    Kareem Prince

    10 timmar sedan

    I hire all the pain in your voice

  19. Cookie


    11 timmar sedan

    I feel you don’t give up and hopefully god will make your wish come true!!

  20. Julian Houston

    Julian Houston

    12 timmar sedan

    I cried to this it’s so sad!

  21. Frank’s fun videos

    Frank’s fun videos

    13 timmar sedan

    God plz Let nle see his daughter

  22. Frank’s fun videos

    Frank’s fun videos

    13 timmar sedan

    Boy I’m sorry

  23. Quanya Manning

    Quanya Manning

    13 timmar sedan

    Bryle u my mini me yo mama my worst enime I praying she for give a g

  24. Jordan Miller

    Jordan Miller

    13 timmar sedan

    This song hit so hard because I'm going Thur this now her mother knew the young me wen I was wild I have full custody but painted me as a monster anint see my daught in 7 months last time I went to get her went to jail 😢😢 I miss ya baby girl fav song 🔥🔥

  25. TehArise


    13 timmar sedan


  26. The Reviewer

    The Reviewer

    15 timmar sedan

    My son going through this because female wanted to control him. She has her fam thinking he a bad dad, talking about him on social media calling him deadbeat. He gave money but she went and put him on child support and want let him get his son tries to control when he can see him. Now he is engaged its worst and its affecting him to the point of giving up. She left town with child without any of us knowing it and took my grandson. Some of these females are nasty minded be careful who you sleep with unprotected. Once they got that seed its as if they feel they got a rope around you. They use the kid..seen it more then once from other families

  27. Matilda Carlsson

    Matilda Carlsson

    16 timmar sedan

    The king🥶🥶

  28. Nikodem Pietrzak

    Nikodem Pietrzak

    17 timmar sedan

    off beat

  29. Jor Love

    Jor Love

    17 timmar sedan

    Meanwhile i got a bd who doesn't want to see his daughter. Missed 4 years of her life since birth. Smh.

  30. ATL JOSIAHYT hey


    17 timmar sedan

    It’s so dumb how the dads who want to see their children get the dead beat treatment keep fighting hold ur head high

  31. Autumn Lindsey

    Autumn Lindsey

    19 timmar sedan

    I felt it🙏

  32. Aly Meyer

    Aly Meyer

    22 timmar sedan

    It’s funny how you make a song about your child yet you ain’t never seen her also funny how you making a song yet you’re still going to court because you still ain’t paying child support or providing for your child that you created in this world that you ain’t even being a father to real funny but he get the sympathy while you can from the dumb ones

  33. maurivids


    22 timmar sedan

    da fact det he had da chance to end det boi but gave him a letter 4 his daughter instead gotta mean some

  34. Dylan Rodriguez

    Dylan Rodriguez

    22 timmar sedan

    NLE Choppa need more love cus he’s making so much songs and he can’t see his daughter

  35. Kanon King

    Kanon King

    23 timmar sedan

    king von

  36. zawiya Williams

    zawiya Williams

    Dag sedan

    i feel the pain that you going thow u trying to be in her life she need you in her life she need her real dad in her life hope you see her soon

  37. Holbrook Long

    Holbrook Long

    Dag sedan


  38. zawiya Williams

    zawiya Williams

    Dag sedan

    she soo cute

  39. zawiya Williams

    zawiya Williams

    Dag sedan

    no piddy for a g

  40. Freda


    Dag sedan

    Bro I get yo pain. When you can't. See you kid

  41. Gabby Terry

    Gabby Terry

    Dag sedan

    This song hit different

  42. Dylan Fox

    Dylan Fox

    Dag sedan

    Dam you want to all that

  43. jeelan love-connor

    jeelan love-connor

    Dag sedan

    That song deep nle chopper see you go through this do you want to see your daughter that’s all away and I’m praying for you😭😭😭😔😔😔😞😞😞

  44. Muhammad Nazshrul

    Muhammad Nazshrul

    Dag sedan

    NLE pls make a new song

    • sumba32


      23 timmar sedan

      He has to take a break.

  45. Westsideekid


    Dag sedan

    It’s so crazy so much growth and still so much pain 🐐💯💪🏼🗣

  46. Emmett Richard

    Emmett Richard

    Dag sedan

    This hurts my heart

  47. Aamira’s World

    Aamira’s World

    Dag sedan

    “All for you clover I turned over a new leaf why I get the type of treatment that belong to a dead beat

  48. Aamira’s World

    Aamira’s World

    Dag sedan

    “If I shot in a house u in take my breath away, never put my hands on a woman wasn’t raised that way” . I felt that

  49. Kelly Johnson

    Kelly Johnson

    Dag sedan

    LATELEY IV BEEN LOOSIN SLEEP N IT HARD FOR ME TO EAT damn choppa is feelin some pain

  50. JVL


    Dag sedan

    Damn, I ain't gonna cap, this got me teary eyed, choppa put all his heart and soul in this song, mad respect to you dawg ❤❤❤

  51. Lisa Ray

    Lisa Ray

    Dag sedan

    Trying to be a cold parent trurned me to a no parent and dont lower yo standard

  52. Bizzy Banks

    Bizzy Banks

    Dag sedan

    This Joint On Repeat😤

  53. Tiar kayG

    Tiar kayG

    Dag sedan

    song makes me miss my late baby girl damn

  54. Jimmir Toliver

    Jimmir Toliver

    Dag sedan

    I'm sooooooo sorry your my favorite raper



    Dag sedan

    She wrong for that she can at least let him see his child that is sad

  56. Zulema Rios

    Zulema Rios

    Dag sedan

    Im 7 I'm a. Boy love your music

  57. PayHP


    Dag sedan

    This HIT 🔨 hard, haven’t seen my daughters in years, got (2) felonies behind this shit, it’s been 3 long years…‼️ Respect 🗣💯💯💯💯

  58. Max Shvets

    Max Shvets

    Dag sedan

    bro i love how a lot of the comments are complimenting the lyrics. keep up the great work nle u on top

  59. Fidel Montagu

    Fidel Montagu

    Dag sedan

    Thanks for making this track,,, I have not seen my son for over 15 years. I live in Vancouver and have been paying child support all that time. FATHERS have no rights. Its seems to be ok when a women gets bitter and prevents rightful access. On that note, those mothers who, lie and do anything to prevent visits. Im not a sexist, and have healthy relationship with females & good relationship with a great lady. Its just that at the end of the day women who abuse a farthers right for what every reason, need to know. No one needs to now what happen between you and the baby farther. No body cares who right or wrong or who messed up in the relationship. ARE YOU LISTENING LADIES.... ITS WRONG TO USE THE CHILD TO PUNISH THE FARTHER... NLE CHOPPA PROPs to YOU. And God bless your Grand Mother who watches over your angle... One more thing, the best revenge is SUCCESS***

  60. Wolfzy W

    Wolfzy W

    Dag sedan

    nle is just so humble

  61. Boss-A-Mania


    Dag sedan

    I hope you get to see your daughter more nle gl

  62. Swizzy 1894

    Swizzy 1894

    Dag sedan

    is so stupid how he can’t see his own daughter

  63. Eric Cortes

    Eric Cortes

    Dag sedan

    When i dont have a father :/

  64. Mia Bates

    Mia Bates

    Dag sedan

    This made me cry 😢🥺

  65. Xaiver Howard

    Xaiver Howard

    Dag sedan

    Nle the goat 🐐

  66. Butter scotch🥰😇

    Butter scotch🥰😇

    Dag sedan


  67. Sweatmaster


    Dag sedan

    So sad I can't believe that his baby mama lied on him 😭 also sorry for your grandma R.I.P 😇

  68. Jamian_ Animations

    Jamian_ Animations

    Dag sedan

    choppa just knows how to speak to the truth

  69. Ronln


    Dag sedan

    Mans is 18 with a kidd

  70. Legend BoyZ

    Legend BoyZ

    Dag sedan

    My respect for him

  71. Legend BoyZ

    Legend BoyZ

    Dag sedan

    Man stuff like this bet sucks

  72. Crafter love McCarty

    Crafter love McCarty

    Dag sedan

    I love when he’s I have something to kill for

  73. Patsy Wilson

    Patsy Wilson

    Dag sedan


  74. Phranzy


    Dag sedan

    This hit me hard ngl.

  75. Mason Mcphero

    Mason Mcphero

    Dag sedan

    this wasnt filmed right

  76. Logan Sergi

    Logan Sergi

    Dag sedan

    This shit make me tear up everytime I hear it damn this shit so deep

  77. King. G

    King. G

    Dag sedan

    Damn my choppa my brother I pay the ultimate respect for the shit that's going on in your life rn Honestly. I'll pray for you my guy.

  78. Nicolas Cervantes

    Nicolas Cervantes

    Dag sedan

    This is my favorite rapper ever most respect to you

  79. Cnotes s

    Cnotes s

    Dag sedan

    He Sampled the hook from "Don Trip :"Letter to my Son"....Same exact meaning in the song except he was talking about his Son of course!!!

  80. Alexa Tapia

    Alexa Tapia

    Dag sedan

    Sorry for your loss. But your grandmother knows that you will be a great dad :)

  81. Dwan Wilson

    Dwan Wilson

    Dag sedan

    This song hit different I almost cried

  82. Dametres Short

    Dametres Short

    Dag sedan

    Calm down 20

    • Dametres Short

      Dametres Short

      Dag sedan


  83. Dametres Short

    Dametres Short

    Dag sedan


  84. Taevon Gladden

    Taevon Gladden

    2 dagar sedan

    I listen to this song every day when I go places with my dad

  85. Brooklyn wright

    Brooklyn wright

    2 dagar sedan

    NLE a young hustler fightin fa his daughter.. real Shii right dar.

  86. ETBU Fan

    ETBU Fan

    2 dagar sedan


  87. Kauron thebeast

    Kauron thebeast

    2 dagar sedan

    Hey Nle I’m a big fan plus I have one question for you who called the cops on you and why did your baby mama break up with you?

  88. lil king

    lil king

    2 dagar sedan

    If i couldn't see my daughter I'll in up killing my self

  89. lil king

    lil king

    2 dagar sedan

    So sad 😭😭😭

  90. Freya Welch

    Freya Welch

    2 dagar sedan

    Just fresh video , buddy

  91. jay ball

    jay ball

    2 dagar sedan

    is that lil Durk nooooo

  92. Corey Wheeler

    Corey Wheeler

    2 dagar sedan

    True goat

  93. Ntabozuko Dwane

    Ntabozuko Dwane

    2 dagar sedan

    RIP Mattie Bell Potts I'm srry about ur gran I also never got to meet my grandparents

  94. A Johnson

    A Johnson

    2 dagar sedan

    If God Takes this man Im Going to-

  95. M MTK

    M MTK

    2 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for nle

    • Parvinder Aujla

      Parvinder Aujla

      Dag sedan

      nigga it’s been a year since they broke up bruh

  96. Izabella


    2 dagar sedan

    I hope his daughter grows up and see's who her father was and is!✨💖

  97. Kimimaru Nikaharu

    Kimimaru Nikaharu

    2 dagar sedan

    Well he did try to kill Mariah

    • sumba32


      23 timmar sedan

      No he didnt

    • Kimimaru Nikaharu

      Kimimaru Nikaharu

      2 dagar sedan

      But ok